A.M. Justice’s Woern Saga Prize Bundle

A very special shout-out to the team at Storytellers On Tour, partnered with Rafflecopter and fellow author A.M. Justice for sending out these two great looking prize books. I briefly scanned a review on A Wizard’s Sacrifice: Book Two of the Woern Saga, and coincidently, it seems right up my alley from blurb on the back:

Victoria of Ourtown believes two things: that the bright, wandering star in the heavens is an abandoned spacecraft which brought her ancestors to this world and that destiny and the will of gods are nonsense. Vic used to scoff at stories of wizards too, until she acquired their powers. Once a warrior, now a secret wizard, she just wants to live an ordinary life and find a way to atone for the mistakes she’s made.

Ashel of Narath knows that the wandering star is the god who created humanity, but this difference of opinion doesn’t stop him from loving Vic. All that keeps them apart is a thousand miles and a tragic loss.

Lornk Korng needs Vic and Ashel to execute his plans for conquest. The fact both want him dead is but a trifling snag in his schemes. A bigger problem are the world’s indigenous aliens and an ancient enemy whose victory could wipe out humankind.

As plots and counterplots clash across time, Vic and Ashel must choose their allies carefully, or risk losing not only each other but everything they know.

A gripping tale of wizardry, warfare, and moral dilemmas unspools in a breathtaking blend of fantasy and science fiction.

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I’m focusing on book number two, instead of book one of the series, as book two, A Wizard’s Sacrifice was just released this month ( November, 2020 ) and could use a little more attention. I can tell you as first thoughts from the prologue, this story kicks right off with some gritty, bloody action and there is an onslaught going on. Perfect first impressions. Let’s see if it holds up? 🤔

Guys, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley

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