Composition: Problutions and Solutions

There’s enough
reverse calculations to
know, at least one person
owes a tank of inspirate.
There’s enough

reverse math to know,
the numbers don’t add
up anymore.

Looking for solutions?
Look under your nose.
One just passed by, unnoticed and alone.
Looking for problems?

Look under your nose.
One just passed by, unnoticed and alone.

Thought you missed it? That it’s too late?
Think again, mate, mate, mate, mate and mate.

~Imma hit the floor when you hit the floor,
Imma hit the floor when you hit the floor.~

I look again. Look up, left, right, down and in between.
Because it’s these things, overlooked,
almost every time that fails my dream,
that often do matter and too often sting.
They told us that everything mad-hatters.
The steak is rotting upon the platter or maybe the bread?

You like skim milk?
Well, then pour it on top your own head,
or your favorite flavor:

( Hot chocolate bomb-saver.
Boom-boom, later . . . A newly printed 3D-Bunny player )

So, I say: Where’s my 2s at? Where’s my 2s at?
Where’s my club at? Where’s my club at?
Where’s my love at? Where’s my love at?
Imma hit the floor when you hit the floor,
Imma hit the floor when you hit the floor.
So, Imma hit you at, where’s my club at . . .
Imma hit you at, where’s my club at . . .
Let’s do the time four, do the time four,
do the time four, the time four.
Cora’s last words, Cora’s last words.
Cora’s last words, Cora’s last words.

We gotta go and get the money. What?
Go and get the money. What?
Trumpet like a twenty. What?
Trumpet like a twenty. What?

© 2021 —S.D. McKinley


Composition: The Middle Magnetic Riddle

Above, great and humble, soft and stable. What you think is funny is killing me. You gotta think, without the trees we wouldn’t be but a dream.

The oppressed wise man goes mad if he forgets all that he has ( is here and now ).

And, with all these possibilities, I still know you will find me. I can feel still, the way they try to stop us.

When the new breeze blows in, it blows to rock the sea. A lion, the moon and stars shine in a way that everyone now sees.

All the ways we look at one thing, put them together and make something sing. It’s from all that is good, above and below, circles and lines, they tear and they mow.

Grow a little. Or grow a lot. All this we know, and we cannot be stopped. Drinking of biology and watching the clock.

Talking our way out of a rock and a hard place, I request the below.


[ Image source: – from the TV series His Dark Materials ]


Below, slowing the down now and taking the crown.
Pushing Will ’round town through the now.
The effects won’t speak until next week when you teach.

Then, Un-paid modern day slaves are all sent to the grave. Anyways.
Even though you were told, and not through traditional mold, you continue on and on.

Deathly blind dates at the lake. They’ll only dump you aboard if you have much at the stake, and that’s the only reason you named yourself a fake.

You’re assumed, impending rhetorical doom had everything to do with the standing up broom.
Before the vivid, livid vision, you made a bad decision.

Just tell them all you need is a present from Megan, and I’m sure they will all forget just after you left ’em.

No more 59 for me.

Alpha brain waves make you stay in one place.
Download the whole trove and print it out the mold.

Expensive lesson released the tension between the middle magnetic riddle. Now, it’s your turn.

© 2012 / 2021 – S.D. McKinley

Guys and gals, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.

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Friday Fun Trifecta #7

If you remember a while back, we did a segment here on called Friday Fun Links. Fun links have evolved into Friday Fun Trifecta, where I will feature one thing of each – music, book and visual arts. Welcome to Friday Fun Trifecta #7, in appreciation for artwork. I’m a bit late on this post – and, as someone once told me, “If you can’t get here on time, just get here when you can.”

These are not frivolous activities! Although, they might be frivolous woman hoops.


Venus and Adonis [ Image Source: ] by Raphael ( Raffaello Sanzio or Santi ) 


[ Lyrics @ ]

This BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge really is one of the best things, ever. Artists covering artists, supporting each others work. Spiraling each other until greatness. It’s the best when the covers come out arguably better than the originals. Hey. You win some and lose some, right?


Composition: When You Cry / Crazy

When you cry, your tears paint a picture in my mind. I just can’t make it out.

Brimstone and rage and it’s taking me all day just to get to you. What I brought you. The mystery you crave is still in my heart. I’m giving it all to you.


( intro: in deep country voice ) Some of them are crazy good, yeah and some of them are crazy bad, well me, I’m just crazy sad for you, babe. I remember the last time we won against those crazy bad, yeah, but last time we didn’t. That’s why I feel I’m all alone.

The fire’s not out. I’ve built it hotter and brighter than ever. So, when you get back, we’ll sit together and share some of our crazy bad lovin’ . . .

Give me one more chance to be crazy . . . Give me one more chance to build it bright . . . Give me one more chance to be crazy. Everything will be alright.

© 2012 / 2020 – S.D. McKinley

Composition: I’ve Been Missing You

It seems like it’s been forever, the short time we’ve been apart.

Even after the first minute, it left a void inside my “heart”.

And my mind hasn’t been the same since I’ve been away.

Just to be back in your presence, my love, there’s no price I wouldn’t pay.

I don’t think of the bad times, only the good times. Hooray!

© 2012, artist unknown

Composition: Imagination is the Way to the Place I’m Stayin’

Slowly now.
Moving so slow.
Moving forward before us.
Barely on the bottom, but close enough to turn heads.
In your eyes and hears, steering away from the same path that got ’em.
Wishing toward a progressive way to the top, it pulls with the power of a concentrated effort.
Replacing the lake with a random atomic overlay.
Adjusting the hue to the opposite of you.
We brought in the new free, of the estimated result.
The absence of speak, putting these words on the outside of do.
The consequence of panoramic imagination is the way to the place I’m stayin’.

© 2012, S.D. McKinley

Composition: I Used to have a Hundred Guns

Lock down with the door open. Is the store still open? I hope you don’t think I’m chokin’ or getting excited yet, because there’s a whole ‘lotta work left. Yes, I write with my left. I just want to know the total cost of ownership of my own space ship. Whoops, I forgot to take a sh*t. Is this way before our landing, or our take off, and am I still standing? Am I expensive, yet? I’m looking at all your CDs and they portray the display from the perspective of my knees! Dirty trees, turn up the degrees. We must be right next to the sun. I used to have a hundred guns. Imma make it my goal today to make someone a new birthday. Home invasion when you turn it to the correct radio station. Little people steeple. Remote paper-mate. I think I just accidentally stole the whole state. [ Time tunnel to my front, past to my back, hey baby, count the whole stack ] I hate your fourteen-year-old mind state. Initialize the new variables and embrace ’em. State ’em.

© 2012, S.D. McKinley

Composition: Ex-Green Grass

Ex-Green grass is our only way to class – on the concrete we talked, taunted and balked. Once again, it’s the season of treason. Another school year begins, as the crater pretends. In garden city, a parabola of ray dens. It’s where and when the teachers are half-friends. Sitting down as the class clown, but this new year biting the tounge a bit more than before. Recess was always a test of the trouble, more or less. Punching all the little gold, glass helmets. I ended up in detention. We met. Lysergic dreams came upon me. Encyclopedia remediator. The bell rang, and I stepped out, still tripping into a redecorated, non-hallucinated mess. It musta been a horrific master plan of a sketch against our lack of moral interest. I guess it is good we are still one, after all. It was more than a whole ‘lotta miraculous fun.

© 2012, S.D. McKinley

Composition: Subtle Changes

Through subtle changes in frequency we will reach the masses. The absence of random in tandem with repeating beats you repeat through the concrete in the street. The high-hats rise and fall in between ~~~~~~~~, not clashing with the kick and the snare. Growling bass reiterates the substrate of your emotional hate. A perfect mix of logic and chaos creates a hook to make everyone relate. Fitting the cooperative coupling just in time to reach out with a rhyme to love you. Lyrics that make you steer close enough to slightly scare you. Possessed by the rest of the song, you reach out and test everyone around you.

© 2012, S.D. McKinley

Composition: Bring on the Rain

Now, trust me, I more so than most, know how hard it can be to remain steady in the onset of an assult by stormy weather. But, we must always have faith & never forget it’s not gonna rain forever.

You see, I believe that the storms in life of which it’s what we are to brave & weather, should only be looked upon as nothing more then a chance to prove our true measure.

So please, let’s welcome the next storms in our lives to be found so that they my find us naked & dancing in the rains together.

Sh-h-h-h listen!
Is that the sounds of a distant thunder I hear rolling in?
Well quick, grab my hand and come on then!

It’s not gonna rain forever

By Calvin Blackstone, original publication.