Composition: Deducing Your Truce to a Nuisance

Deducing your truce to a nuisance.

Sounds, repeating through ground;
It echoes very clear this time of year, through the atmosphere. The relative position of the Earth in the universe, multiplied by the space dust that hits us.

The trust of the wind gusts and what it brings us.

© 2012 S.D. McKinley
Compositions On Art Opinion

Composition: They Came to a Clearing in the Rubbish.

“Blue Ripple” by basegreen is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

They came to a clearing in the rubbish. Carefully poured and detailed cement lined the floor surrounding a body of pool water. The pool water emitted a blue fluorescence and a muffled droning from below it’s own surface.

© S.D. McKinley, 2020

The water cast a verse in the form of refracted and dancing light patterns determined by second hand inspiration from some carefully selected song, lining up in significance with time and space. The song was sung in place of a message, indueful of irony and when it spoke it did so not with words or singing voice but as if being instigated by a rogue divinity looking for low hanging fruit to nab and dabble with on it’s way toward a downward spiral of divine destruction. Like an insidious plan with the intention to instill a becoming truth and to pass the blame for something gone terribly wrong. The darkness trickled down and along with its counterpart, lifted this breath of song, bleeding itself into the spaces in between where light once shone, in perfect tune and never doubtful for its future and in turn stoically devoured places once held by brilliancy and integrity.

© S.D. McKinley, 2020
  • Do you like this style of writing? Is there anything that breaks your perspective of “not knowing you are reading”?
  • If this was a passage in a book and the whole book was in this style of writing ( assuming the plot is well ) would you like it or would it turn into “heavy reading” for you?
  • “indueful” isn’t in the dictionary, but I thought it fit perfect with the words. Did you notice that while you read it?
  • Do you feel like “lining up in significance with time and space” instead of “that lined up in significance with time and space” switched tense?
  • If this passage was carefully broken up with action and dialog, would it’s significance or flow be degraded and the feeling and message be lost?

Let me know what you think as a topic for discussion. After all, it is your opinion. -S.D. McKinley

Artwork Compositions

Composition: So Often

It is so often, in these days that we see woven melodrama beneath our feet,
Not noticing the way we traveled on a wave of misbehaven concrete.
Every day, it seems the future is paving over the past week.
Double Déjà vu-doo. Oh! the missing timeline of me.

-S.D. McKinley © 2020

Artwork Compositions

Composition: Not a Feeling I’m Foreign To

It’s not a feeling I’m foreign to
Hurts me not like it does to you
The shriveling of despair
Other’s envy is a burden I do too bear
I’m crossing this road alone, but by
Choice, it contains of none
It’s not easy what I do, the help
Is the absence of you

-S.D. McKinley © 2020

Artwork Compositions Creative Methods

Creative Methods: Writing Lyrics Using Magazine Cutouts

As artists, it is so important to use several different methods for creation of work. We as humans pull information from everything around us, including other forms of media. In this composition I used a series of magazine cut outs and arranged them in the best way possible to write some lyrics. The lyrics are read from the top left in a circle:

Artwork Compositions

Composition: Envy is a Perfect Color for You

This is a short poem or composition (I prefer the latter) I wrote:

The valleys and mountains move under the Sun in the morning time
the the cosmos and comets fly into the sky.
You are so beautiful on this morning.
. . . I woke up with a twinkle in my eye.
The Sun rose upon a black sky. I view this just before I die. It’s the last time I will.
Reincarnation into a pure spirit, all I see is light.
What is thought to be hell is the Sun, and Heaven the core of the Earth. Rebirth, rebirth, rebirth.
A little closer to God, my mission is now to promote life, positivity
I spread my Angel wings, thinking of you.
Thank God for this gift, because I am no longer a lovely shade of blue.

envy is a perfect color for you.

-S.D. McKinley © 2020

Composition: Polarity ( In the Way We Lay )

Full resolution image

WARNING: May contain strong suggestive themes.

Colliding thoughts tickle my Mandelbrot(ic) dream before I sleep.
I get so close to being with you and they take me away, every day when I wake.
Some day, they’ll be a place we pray that the light constantly shines to mark the pathway we are suppose to make.
Stand behind me. Paint a picture in front of me.
Colliding rhythms to a subtly rolling, futuristic paradise.
( It’s in the way that we lay )
Talk is cheap, so minus your one up.
It’s additional to the constructive Devil’s advocate.
Be careful what you say. Because people go crazy.
We are savages, releasing my animus.
These are not words, these are calluses.

*                                                                                                                        *
Exercise the passenger.
You’re flicking nightmares at me. I never saw the light at the end.
The monster that runs after me.
But just know he forever stands behind your door.

Don’t test me. Don’t put a spell on me. I’m not yours.
Prince of palaces feasts on a holiday, while I’m locked in a proverbial cage.
Pound the walls, you say? Cup run over, then cup run dry.
Do I live in a dream. Do I live in a lie?
Dead once, dead twice, dead three times – WE CRY!
Lost and found in the fire. Shiny weaponry, shiny possessionry.
It was given by the creator.
Now, I’m the same person and the the memory is remaining.

© 2017, 2020 S.D. McKinley

Composition: Serious Nimbus

Full resolution image

We can raise stars, build scientists, fix a lisp.
Driven by what? Driven by steam, by everything.
Maybe it’s the only way we survive. Take away the reins. This is not war on me, this is war on my dreams. Give it back ( Serious Nimbus ).

Don’t forget the lie, the dreams that die.
Dubly, you make all the options.
We all have to grow a little, grow up the seriousness, grow up at will, forgot what you forget.
Don’t forget the combined release came only through me. This is not spilt money in the making.
Magnetic riddle, I’m through playing that ancient fiddle.
Try me, because I’m knot the guy.
Leave her alone while they chisel in stone.
Invent the a(pos)trophe.

Crush babble on bone. Iterate the telephone game all the way to the throne. You’re tripping only because you were already ( next ) ( to ) ( the ) willing and able.

© 2017, 2020 S.D. McKinley


Composition: We are humans

City Scape by yours truly

We are the emerging logic in a universe full of chaos. We will control things smaller than we can see and bigger than worlds; we are humans.

-S.D. McKinley, © 2014

Composition: Rising Time

Expectations bestoweth me. Oppressed in orange, I score. It’s a role reversal take over. Whoreacle did more than the one with all the over toning geek-leak in his speak. Tonight, I’m connecting my buds through the wallflowers, so I can listen in on the tower. I made it already in hell’s kitchen and trust me, won’t you be pleased that there was no cake involved. Anti-raking agent swimming and raking all the silico-lo throughout your dro. Hybrid horizon. It’s rising time and I’m gazing right through your station. Yeah, and I’m not Nas, but guarantee that my mazers are looping through you. So, do everything except for be blue. Yeah, yeah, best to stay on subject when I’m truckin’. Interjecting materials into your canister. We’re throwing up the Lord’s banner. And, if you got a problem you can talk to *** *** Tanner. Teach you to steal my Contra-Nintendo game, little bitch. Ha! Pop some slime. 808 Bass forever.

© 2012, S.D. McKinley