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Bookshelf #4 and #5 in One

Ah, the bookshelf . . . what an interesting place these nooks hold in the universe as a reflection of taste, wonder and intrigue. Last time, I started with bookshelf #2 and #3. Today we are double dipping again with #4 and #5. Bookshelf #4 is . . . no books, but a party amongst toys and miscellaneous objects, only. These toys and things don’t like books:

Bookshelf #4 and #5, in it’s entirety.
Bookshelf #4
Left side of bookshelf #4, the audio CDs are as follows: Alanis Morsette So Called Chaos, Music from the motion picture City of Angels, Sarah McLachlan’s Possession, Bush’s Golden State, Bush’s Letting the Cables Sleep, Bush’s Little Things, Chevelle’s Point #1, And last but not least, and empty self titled Days of the New CD case. The pinewood derby kit is from when Dad and I used to win these kinds of competitions. This one didn’t get built, so it holds it’s original form in the box.
We aren’t fan’s of Pop! Figures in particular, but if we see one of something we like AND we like the design of the figure itself, we’ll pick it up. Even the big ones in which we spotted a huge “the child” from Mandalorian yesterday at the COVID-19 shopping mall. The Cheshire Cat is no joke!
Bookshelf #5 in it’s entirety. Hard to see everything here, so next we will move onto see the left and right sides.
Left side of bookshelf #5.
Right side of bookshelf #5.
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Friday Fun Trifecta #9

If you remember a while back, we did a segment here on called Friday Fun Links. Fun links have evolved into Friday Fun Trifecta, where I will feature one thing of each – music, book and visual arts. Welcome to Friday Fun Trifecta #9, in appreciation for artwork.

Last week sadly, there was no Friday Fun post, so this one comes a day early. I had come down with a bit of a viral cold, nothing too serious. Thank God. I’m still in a bit of recovery mode with little twinges here and there along with slight lethargy. The cold came in sort of a blessing in disguise, since I strangely felt like sleeping and finally got some good rest in this past weekend.


[ Lyrics @ ] – Genre: Pop-soul / R&B

Such a joy it is to hear the music that Adele and her crew put together with Set Fire to the Rain. I absolutely love a nice concert / live performance and this one is more than great, if not better than the original recording, performed at the Royal Albert Hall. The fact that the live performance is so great, it says something in itself about the talent behind the song.

On a slightly unrelated note, I greatly favored Rolling in the Deep as her first hit as well. I’m not a big hits person, but when it’s good, it’s good. Right? The Rolling in the Deep song came at a time in my life that was rocky, ( and so was the music industry ) to say the least and this music helped me through. Thank you for that, Adele. I remember wiring up a lantern battery to my DC radio, so I could listen without municipal power and it worked a charm. Such bitter-sweet memories that I wish to never repeat. Never again.

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Bookshelf #3 and #2 in One

You don’t mess with John Wayne after he had Beef with Potatoes. Ha, ha this meme spawned out of a spontaneous joke I made about the baby’s face last night. I said, “Look at her John Wayne face.” Hilarity ensued.

Ah, the bookshelf . . . what an interesting place these nooks hold in the universe as a reflection of taste, wonder and intrigue. Last week, I started with bookshelf #1 and today we are double dipping with #2 and #3. Bookshelf #2 is . . . no books, but a party amongst toys, only. These toys don’t like books:

If you have any questions about these specifically, please do ask. Otherwise, we will move onto the book-book shelf.
Left of Bookshelf #3
Right side of Bookshelf #3. Below, we are moving from left to right since we are still in the northern hemi-sphere, at least last time I checked.
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Bookshelf #1 and Beef with Potatoes

Welcome to the post for Bookshelf #1, where I’ll show you the top row of my book shelf just after some tidying up. Then, later I will continue onto the next shelf. There’s several different places to store the books, here, there, everywhere. Things make it onto the bookshelf, of course that aren’t books. 🙂 This is something of a natural order.

Speaking of natural: You ever try to eat a raw potato? It might make sense, right? You can get a whole sack of potatoes for five dollars and then your hunger is raging for nice, nutritious treat to fill your stomach, but then, it doesn’t agree. Something similar to birch bark. It never does settle.

The potato shall be cooked. It is written.

Instead, I’m vouching for some Pepperidge Farm toast with butter and year old Christmas jelly that settles greatly:

It’s a little shaky standing up in the chair, where the tripod won’t reach, something of wariness.
Left Side, continuing to the right . . .
And, the right side.

Gameplay: Far Cry New Dawn – Bear Battle

This section of the game is called “For Whom the Bear tolls”.

If you want to see me drive crazy through the woods like a drunk sailor on a unicorn trike start at the beginning. People battle starts at like 5:20, almost three minute bear battle after shooting the bell twice at 9:20 with . . .

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On ‘A Scanner Darkly’ by Philip K. Dick


WARNING: Some elements of this post are NSFW, as also the suggestive themes and premise of this book and movie. The movie is Rated R for drug and sexual content, language and a brief violent image.

S.D. presents a quick dive into the book and film, A Scanner Darkly.

I must not have been as big of a fanatic I thought I was about the story A Scanner Darkly, because I just learned that the movie was first a book by Philip K. Dick.

NSFW Video clip of the movie A Scanner Darkly. I am not the creator of this video.
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Random Book Recommendations

Let start this article out by saying thank you to fellow indie author Theresa Dale for the awesome review on my book, How LJ and Rom Saved Heavy Metal:

Be on the lookout for my review of her book Asylum soon ( I got one ahead of it by Mr. Lee Hall and I’m in a bit of a backlog at the moment with everything )

Now, lets get to the point. I have read a lot of books over the years. Here are some recommendations that spring to mind. Enjoy:

Occidental Mythology (Masks of God) by Joseph Campbell

Occidental Mythology was published in 1964 and is a non-fiction book about eastern mythology. It’s old style of writing and informative knowledge about the subject is magically captivating. It ties together similarities between the different religions covered in the book.

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On Feeling Connected through Technology

/ Image source: by yours truly and ladyturtle27 /

It’s difficult for me to feel connected to other people through common social media such as Facebook and Instagram. That is why I love blogs that aren’t fueled by monetary bureaucracy and the narrative. I am slowly discovering such nooks and gather them into my feed reader. I use Feedly for syndication of reading material. If you aren’t familiar with RSS, that is how it works on the back end ( WordPress sends these feeds out through a /feed ( <- you can view my feed by clicking, although it won’t look very pretty, it is for computer mouths ) at the end of the main site URL ). I used to use Google Reader until Google canned it for other projects.


My Father Raced Boats

I happened upon this article outlining the race boat drivers that were lucky enough to test a uniquely designed outboard racing motor. One of them was my father ( Rich McKinley ):

The lucky seven..Here is the seven drivers that was hand picked by OMC to race the unique designed racing outboard:..Jimbo McConnell , Mike Downard, Rich McKinley, Jonny Sanders, Tom Posey, Barry Woods  and Bobby Witt. This is an incredible letter from Jack Leek at OMC to Jimbo McConnell. Thank you Cathy McConnell

/ Source: /
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How NOT to self publish a book – a short memoir

Beyond the darkness, way past what you can see or even imagine is a massive wheel turning. It turns and trudges through people’s existence of experience, memories and dreams. Sometimes is tugs at your soul. Sometimes it pulls at your soul so hard you have no choice but to write. If you don’t write something down it will probably eat your lunch before it is able to hit your stomach. Then, after it eats all of your lunch the wheel will eat at your soul and consume the whole of you if you don’t give it what it wants…….

I gave the wheel what it wanted and I wrote a book.

Written manuscript page from my book How LJ and Rom Saved Heavy Metal