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Lyrical Analysis: Soilborn by Killswitch Engage

From Killswitch Engage’s self titled album.

Today I’m starting something a little different. I will analyze some lyrics and provide my insight. I will not research other lyrical analysis of this song, I will only research based on my thoughts about the passages. At the bottom you will find the song so you may follow along with the quoted passages. All quoted lyrics and the music are ℗ 2004 Ferret Music. All the comments on the passages are solely my own opinion and in no way, shape or form are the opinions of the artist.

Time will not stand still today is the day the day of salvation

This first part embraces urgency that time cannot stop, feeding the need to reach a point of salvation. It is not clear what type of salvation is talked about since there are a couple different definitions. Although I have heard KsE ( Killswitch Engage ) talk about how their music is spiritual and not Christian, so I will assume they are talking about the redemption and clearing of the effect of sins or other dirt or harm from the world. There could be a possibility the song was written after a feeling of cleansing and after effects of sin are now gone.