MiniBook Haul 12.5.2020

These two books were recommended by the thrift store. I have no idea when I will get around to reading them. My main reason for posting the books is simply to see if someone has something to say regarding the content. I know nothing about them and have neither seen the books before or heard of the authors. Just a little randomosity while waiting for food. 😃

Guys, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.

By S.D. McKinley

S.D. McKinley lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in the first half of the 1980's and grew up in Wisconsin as a young boy, then moved to Georgia when he turned exactly twelve years old. During teenage years, he raced dirt track go karts and played guitar. He discovered his current love for all kinds of art after his mid-life crisis at 25 years old. S.D. McKinley began writing books in 2017.

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Just watch out for those RE books. They’re pretty bad (in terms of quality I mean). I read books 0, 1 and 2 before I gave up in disgust. I suspect your mileage is going to vary depending on how big a fan of the games you are. I’m strictly a movie fan, so my attachment was pretty light.

As for Wright, if that one particular book doesn’t work for you, try out his Count to the Eschaton Sequence. That starts with “Count to a Trillion” That got 4 stars from me.

Good to know! I’m a fan of the games, more so the later titles, starting with RE7, which is scary, scary. After that, not so much genuinely scary. More fun, scary.

Man, you really have read a lot of books! I pick out some 5 minute scan of the eye balls with books and you have familiarity with both of them.

Man, what an achievement! 🤠 Seriously.

As a side note, my father used to dive into a bunch of books in his later days. Excellent way to indulge your free time.

I guess really what drives me into them is what the mainstream media ( at a level I probably don’t actually understand ) attempts to feed us, especially starting after the turn of the century.

Such a fascinating thing for a person to sit down and write a long string of words and punctuation marks.

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