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New Cover Reveal for LJ and Rom Book #1

Thank you to Mr. Dirk Hays. Such a non-explandatory job with this cover. Go check him out @DirkHays on Instagram. It’s great artwork complimenting my book and this was exactly what I was looking for. This has been a hell of a journey with this publishment and ended in a perfect way.

Now everyone can tell what the book is about by looking at the cover. I won’t be messing with this book for a while and onto #2. Cheers!

By S.D. McKinley

S.D. McKinley lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in the first half of the 1980's and grew up in Wisconsin as a young boy, then moved to Georgia when he turned exactly twelve years old. During teenage years, he raced dirt track go karts and played guitar. He discovered his current love for all kinds of art after his mid-life crisis at 25 years old. S.D. McKinley began writing books in 2017.

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