Composition: We are humans

City Scape by yours truly

We are the emerging logic in a universe full of chaos. We will control things smaller than we can see and bigger than worlds; we are humans.

-S.D. McKinley, © 2014

Composition: Rising Time

Expectations bestoweth me. Oppressed in orange, I score. It’s a role reversal take over. Whoreacle did more than the one with all the over toning geek-leak in his speak. Tonight, I’m connecting my buds through the wallflowers, so I can listen in on the tower. I made it already in hell’s kitchen and trust me, won’t you be pleased that there was no cake involved. Anti-raking agent swimming and raking all the silico-lo throughout your dro. Hybrid horizon. It’s rising time and I’m gazing right through your station. Yeah, and I’m not Nas, but guarantee that my mazers are looping through you. So, do everything except for be blue. Yeah, yeah, best to stay on subject when I’m truckin’. Interjecting materials into your canister. We’re throwing up the Lord’s banner. And, if you got a problem you can talk to *** *** Tanner. Teach you to steal my Contra-Nintendo game, little bitch. Ha! Pop some slime. 808 Bass forever.

© 2012, S.D. McKinley

Composition: The Sleddy

They already had everything already including the sleddy and the snow. It all happened in a snow globe so nobody would know. What you will is a thrill and verbal spill for the kill. The deal fell through the cracks cause the smack make ’em lean now. Lickety split, they all came in your spleen, now. Won’t you drown in the now? Make a machete and cut P. Diddy on the knows. He blows like the cold wind blows on my nose. The crows know you better the Ned when he’s throwing bows. Better to be a gator than a hater, but it sounds even better to be Slater. Who got saved by the bell? I know, my friend Michelle couldn’t tell. I’m white like angelic. Time to my back, sometimes I feel like I’m rotating on a rack. Lazy Susan, still ain’t brushing her toothin’. How do you predicate what I hate and what I know? Your disposition lies with them. No room for hate, no room for Nate. The federal crate in in the snow. So smash my face upon the concrete. The wind is a sin, don’t you know?

© 2012 S.D. McKinley

Composition: I Need a Chariot Wagon

I’m not about to jump on that bandwagon. I’m about to fly, so I need a chariot wagon.

Come with me and try to be normal. Come with me to see what breathes.

Ever seen a man with his pinky up, drinking a cup? The ground comes up to meet you when you are doing it tough.

I’m dissolving into the environment, these evolving skyscrapers want to hire men.

I’m on a hill and I got my eyes on the gate.

Don’t show them your ID, just yes when you’re pleasing.

Doing circles, doing the time, oh it’s time to recline.

The whole place fell apart and God came down off his cart. Oh, you better believe I got heart.

© 2012, S.D. McKinley

Composition: Shadow Upon my Path

Just a shadow upon my path. Backward embracing me. I need you to light my way. Ten thousand souls to touch my hand. A thousand roads to no mans land. Missing the possibility to have you for myself. To hold you. . . But, never to mold or shape you. I’ve been through that create separation.

Black path. A shadow’s wake. A dream we stole. My mirror’s make. A path to you. Please come through.

© 2012, S.D. McKinley

Composition: Misguided Frustration

Misguided frustration . . .It was the same day last week.
You blame me for absorbing all that I see.
It’s The worst curse, and this curse is blessing me.
It’s What you told yourself out loud when you were proud.
The failed attempt at something more.
Untangling the things that I see in the bay window.
Don’t tell a soul what you stole, even though it was part of my soul.
They are on repeat, down deep in the street and all we can do is will something more for our combined ambient energies.
The variable, double you is time in Why do we see all that is made up around several dimensions of where we came unglued?
All that matters is that we put it back together and tether on something new to keep our crypt from repeating what happened four equinoxes ago.
When it almost landed us living in boxes. They trotted on top of us.
Now, even the score. I’m reaching for more, and all you have to do is be in this room.
Soon, it will amount to exponential momentum through time and space.

We will win this race.

© 2012, 2020, S.D. McKinley

Composition: Green and Grey, We Made Up the Whole Day

She’s under my skin, Deep’n the drought.
Monsters I sought, Creators I bought.
Even flow, the Blood’s greener in me.
Skin greyer than she.
Yes, I’m shedding again for the fourth time, I realize.
Even though looking grey, she came to me on the twenty-eighth day.
We prayed again.
Wept and bellowed, we sought. Not to taught
But together, green and grey, we made up the whole day.
A perfect pitch of lime, together always.

© 2012,2020 S.D. McKinley

Composition: Starting to Hide

( Knock the dust off my heart ) ( Break me apart )

And start to kill me again. ( I’m hiding when you come by. )

It was never like this before we kissed.

You never came, you never came. ( You didn’t let me finish what I started. )

If I could just close my eyes, just for a second, I could be in a whole ‘nother place.


© 2012, S.D. McKinley