Composition: Green and Grey, We Made Up the Whole Day

She’s under my skin, Deep’n the drought.
Monsters I sought, Creators I bought.
Even flow, the Blood’s greener in me.
Skin greyer than she.
Yes, I’m shedding again for the fourth time, I realize.
Even though looking grey, she came to me on the twenty-eighth day.
We prayed again.
Wept and bellowed, we sought. Not to taught
But together, green and grey, we made up the whole day.
A perfect pitch of lime, together always.

© 2012,2020 S.D. McKinley

Composition: Starting to Hide

( Knock the dust off my heart ) ( Break me apart )

And start to kill me again. ( I’m hiding when you come by. )

It was never like this before we kissed.

You never came, you never came. ( You didn’t let me finish what I started. )

If I could just close my eyes, just for a second, I could be in a whole ‘nother place.


© 2012, S.D. McKinley