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Review: Savage: The Wild Graphic Novel

Savage: The Wild


Teenage heartthrob. Feral social icon. Dinosaur hunter. Born and raised on an uncharted island full of prehistoric dangers, Kevin Sauvage has a taste of home when a mutant dino threat invades England! From the mad minds of international superstar Max Bemis (Moon Knight) and powerhouse artist Nathan Stockman (Spidey) comes the craziest action book of 2020. Collecting SAVAGE (2020) #1-4.

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All-out chaos and mayhem is what you get when two parallel worlds come together to bring a zany tale of Kevin Sauvage – a celebrity that grew up hunting dinosaurs and other misc. feral beasts in another dimension. Savage now exists in an Earthly dimension in England as somewhat of a star. However, as I write this I certainly do have complaints ( once again ) about pixelated images and the horrid Adobe .acsm viewer combining to make an experience that would have been much better with just a standard PDF file. I have no interest in giving it away and / or pirating anything.

Now, on with the quality of not the digital product experience, but with the quality of the story and artwork: It’s hard to take anything with much seriousness and more than a grain of salt in this story because the basis of it is basically that Savage and his counter parts are against an evil mad scientist, a technological “Project Bizarre” ( a threat to the Earthly dimension because of the creatures it holds ). We are left with not much resolution to the story but a bit of a cliffhanger at the end for the next book. The art, ( besides the fact that the images are pixelated ) I thought was better than the story itself. I had fun reading it, but that was mostly due to the art than the story. Overall, I rate this at ★★✬☆☆ 2.5 stars out of five.

Guys and gals, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.

By S.D. McKinley

S.D. McKinley lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in the first half of the 1980's and grew up in Wisconsin as a young boy, then moved to Georgia when he turned exactly twelve years old. During teenage years, he raced dirt track go karts and played guitar. He discovered his current love for all kinds of art after his mid-life crisis at 25 years old. S.D. McKinley began writing books in 2017.

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Hah, the main character looks a lot like Kraven from Spider-Man… Not to mention Savage Land is MCU’s version of Crichton’s The Lost World – looks like here it made a comeback, and the main character seems to borrow/steal a lot from Tarzan! 😉

Tales, thanks for swinging by and having a gander at my post. Let me know what you think about Swamp Thing or I’ll be on the lookout for something at your blog. Peace. ✌☮

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