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Today comes another random Wikipedia article ( RWP ) about Space Harmony where I will take this article, dive in and possibly make some jokes. Lets have some fun researching a couple of things.


Let’s check out the first paragraph:

Rudolf Laban created a movement theory and practice that reflected what he recognized as Space Harmony. The practice/theory is based on universal patterns of nature and of man as part of a universal design/order and was named by Laban: Space Harmony or Choreutics.

/ “Space Harmony,” Wikipedia /

I realized after reading this article for some time that Mr. Laban was a dance artist and a theorist. This is making a little more sense now. Congratulations to Mr. Laban for not only dancing, but coming up with some cool new ideas about movement and how they relate to shapes in the natural universe. Both a scholar and a gentlemen.

Upon trying to gain an understanding about Space Harmony I can feel the synapses connecting in meh brain that haven’t connected for some time. I feel like this has something to do with that mysterious instrument he is holding – I just know it:

/ Original Image via Wikipedia / – The mysterious space tool in all it’s glory. ( In all seriousness this probably represents one of the Choreutic scales. )

Now we are getting to ‘the good stuff‘:

Choreutic scales can also be compared to mathematical puzzles such as Leonhard Euler and his problem of the Seven Bridges of Königsberg, as well as William Rowan Hamilton and his Icosian gameChoreutic scales present symmetric solutions to these types of puzzles accomplished within the movement space of the human body.

/ “Space Harmony,” Wikipedia / – MIND BLOWN!!

So the Icosian game is being solved by people dancing? Please don’t tell Bill Gates about this. I fear we will all be trapped in a 20 side die for the remainder of our natural life mining for a cryptocurrency that only exists in our minds. Or are we already trapped in an invisible one thinking we are only floating through space but actually solving mining puzzles in the real world?! Maybe this is a secret of the workings of the Matrix itself.

/ Original Image via Wikipedia / – This is of devilish origination – how to solve the icosian game.

I poke fun at stuff like this, but on a serious note – people like this are the reasons we have cool stuff these days. No one invented a television or a computer sitting around talking about what someone said or did. This is real heavy stuff right here folks..all laid out right in front of you. What seems silly or nonsense at first actually is ingrained in the inner-workings of the universe. It reminds me of a book I have called Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, in which I really need to read some more of – it’s from all that is well.

What do you think pure coincidence or something more at work? You decide.

Guys, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S. D. McKinley

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