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Today comes another random Wikipedia article ( RWP ) about a World of Warcraft pandemic called Corrupted Blood incident. I will take this article, dive in and possibly make some jokes. Lets have some fun researching a couple of things.

Wow (no pun intended)! This really blows my mind.. So according to this Wikipedia article, there was an accidental in-game pandemic around 2005 that stemmed from a boss fight. The infection was ‘highly contagious’ and spread throughout the whole in-game world. Cities were abandoned and in-game players isolated. If you were a low level character you died very fast, while higher level players were able to keep themselves alive. The contagion also spread through asymptomatic NPCs as well.

Real world epidemiologists got involved, but the end conclusion to that was it was more of an ‘entertaining’ study than to be able to use the data for in real life, which reminds me of a movie I just got done watching that is streaming on Hulu right now called Spaceship Earth ( totally different subject, but similar in the fact that studies were done in a simulation ). I will make a separate post regarding my thoughts on Spaceship Earth.

Blizzard holds strong on the fact that the in-game pandemic was a glitch and should not have happened. I wonder how much of real world pandemics can be attributed toward some kind of reality type glitch.

I thought this was particularly interesting:

One aspect of the epidemic that was not considered by epidemiologists in their models was curiosity, describing how players would rush into infected areas to witness the infection and then rush out. This was paralleled to real-world behavior, specifically with how journalists would cover an incident, and then leave the area.

/ “Corrupted Blood incident,” Wikipedia – section Models for real-world research /

Thanks a lot journalists, jk.

Blizzard ended up seeing the value in attention that this sort of thing brings and ended up employing a zombie plague for their Wrath of Lich King Expansion.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you know of any other examples where people have done studies and there are obviously missing variables in the study?

Guys, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley

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