Blog Update – June 2021

Just really quick here, everything is completely fine in my life, but quite busy. Things have really fizzled down here on the blog, just focusing on reading ( when I can ) and doing book reviews. However, since my out of town trip last week, things aren’t looking good for me getting much reading done. Basically, the point of this post is to say that I’m still here, everything is fine all-around with me, but I’m not concentrating on posting well, because I’m not reading much at the moment but I do care about this blog and you as a reader.

Hopefully sometime soon I can pick back up on everything. I’ll let you know when by posting more reviews. I hope you are well and everything is going to your fancy.

Guys and gals, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.


SDMcKinley is Now .COM’d

This is how I feel.

EDIT-edit-edit: The site migration is complete minus the certificate, which should be showing anytime now. All followers successfully migrated from .ORG – it is almost completely safe to comment without fear of them fading into nothingness.

Just something really quick here. I have succumbed to the pressures of my .ORG site not working and have battled with it since day one. Yet again, my JetPack had become disconnected and no posts were showing in the reader. I bit the bullet and purchased a business plan on and will begin migration immediately. Hopefully everything will go smooth, but I won’t be transferring my domain name until I’m confident that everything has migrated OKAY. Send some good vibes and prayers that everything goes well . . .

Guys and gals, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.

Music On Art Resources

Friday Fun Trifecta #10

If you remember a while back, we did a segment here on called Friday Fun Links. Fun links have evolved into Friday Fun Trifecta, where I will feature one thing of each – music, book and visual arts. Welcome to Friday Fun Trifecta #10, in appreciation for artwork.

Book Giveaway Update:

We’ll have a Rafflecopter giveaway with with the 10 Years of Darkness review coming on Feb. 8th, in cooperation with the authors’ blog tour, but that isn’t the giveaway I’m focusing on, in addition I’ll have two self hosted book giveaways soon on

You know it’s kind of one of those funny things that just happens sometimes: I ordered and read Gridlinked by Neal Asher and looking back, it’s one of those books I woke up early to read. It’s just that good. I ordered another one to pack in a giveaway with a couple other books, to boot. Sadly, I came close to losing all hope for it arriving, having ordered it around Dec. 15th and no status updates from USPS since Dec. 21st . . . Will I ever see it?

Surprise! Yesterday, Amazon refunded me the money and low and behold, there it was sitting on my coffee table when I arrived. And, what did I do with the refunded money? I ordered another one. Three copies of Gridlinked is what I’ll end up with and I’ll do a astounding two separate giveaways, one will be very soon and the other one will launch when the third copy arrives, which could take a month if it was like the last one. What is happening to USPS? Geez. It could change, but I’m thinking a three book giveaway of different authors. Man, talk about silver linings.


No lyrics involved with this soothing meditational music, here. – Genre: Electronic chill step.

What is Blackmill? The best way I can describe it: Elevator music for millennials, ha ha. Sometime you just need something without all the words in it, swaying you one way or the other. It’s meditational and naturistic.

Speaking of that, you ever call a company and the on-hold music is so horrendous you can’t even think, like they put a devil frequency in it, with the volume going up and down like a demon-possessed-wire trying to steal all your energy while waiting on the phone for 60 minutes? By the time the company actually picks up, you’ve already pulled your hair into pieces like that crazy Stephanie girl you knew when you were a teenager? Those telephone system-admins could really use a lesson on proper music to put in their on-hold telephone systems straight from Blackmill themselves.


A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge

“The illusion of self-awareness. Happy automatons, running on trivial programs. I’ll bet you never guess. From the inside, how can you?”

― Vernor Vinge, A Fire Upon the Deep

“[The Universe] does not care, and even with all our science there are some disasters that we can not avert. All evil and good is petty before nature. Personally, we take comfort from this, that there is a universe to admire that can not be twisted to villainy or good, but which simply is.”

― Vernor Vinge, A Fire Upon the Deep

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Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi

Disarming new findings on Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi @ More information about this piece via

“Leonardo paints Salvator Mundi possibly for King Louis XII of France and his consort, Anne of Brittany. It is most likely commissioned soon after the conquests of Milan and Genoa.

The 26-inch haunting oil-on-panel painting depicts a half-length figure of Christ as Savior of the World, facing front and dressed in Renaissance-era robes. In his painting, Leonardo presents Christ as he is characterized in the Gospel of John 4:14: ‘And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son as the Saviour of the World.’ Christ gazes fixedly at the spectator, lightly bearded with auburn ringlets, holding a crystal sphere in his left hand and offering benediction with his right.

Salvator Mundi was at once time believed to have been destroyed. The painting disappeared from 1763 until 1900, when it was bought by Sir Charles Robinson as a work by Bernardino Luini, a follower of Leonardo. It next appeared at a Sotheby’s in England in 1958 where it sold for £45 – about $125 at the time. It then disappeared again until it was bought at a small U.S. auction house in 2005.”

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Guys and gals, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.

Promotions Web Serial

Web Serial for You? Call for Feedback via Poll

photo of person holding book
Photo by Mark Neal on

Sir, sir . . .sir, sir, sir, SIR!
Ma’am. . .excuse me, ma’am. . .MA’AM.
<Chinese voice>Web serial for you?</chinese voice>

What’s the Point?

Okay, well now that I have your attention, I have a couple of poll questions here relating to an idea I have been toying around with the past day or so concerning posting a Web serial for LJ and Rom Book #2, well because as a follower and reader of this blog your opinion matters to me. What is a web serial? A serialized novel, released in sequential installments on the internet.

Are you at all interested in reading a web serial?

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This is what 500 words looks like. Don’t try to read it, it’s gibberish.

What is your reading time limit for a web serial?

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If a web serial was a sequal to an existing novella ( LJ and Rom book #1 ), would you read it?

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Does it matter to you whether the story is readable directly in Wordpress Reader?

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This is a big decision for me. So, along with your answers and me sleeping on it a couple of times, I expect to make a decision by the end of this week. I’m honestly not sure if I will do it or not, but so far it’s looking favorable. Any other thoughts or questions, poll question suggestions or other things I should be taking into consideration? Do let me know.

Other Blog Things:

Yesterday I made some changes to the layout of this site. I’m using a modified version of the Twenty Twenty, default WordPress theme and it’s absolutely horrendous out-of-the-box. But, I saw potential and made some minimal adjustments when this site launched, just to get it off the ground. Even so, there was still way too much white space ( or dark grey space ) and the comments were jacked up on mobile, etc. So I widened the comments out, did some button color changes along with making adjustments to white space in other areas of the site. So, although you may not care much about layout as long as it works, but I wanted it to be pleasing on the eye for you, so hopefully I inched closer to that.

Guys, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley


Semi-Hiatus: Blog Update Post

“Man passed out on the floor of the kitchen” by simpleinsomnia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

So, here we are five months since this blog launched and through some hard labor and intent, genuine interactions with other blogs we have just short of 80 posts, some odd 30 followers and almost 1000 views. Every hurdle is a milestone, right? The truth is, I love posting on this blog, but I am not doing myself any favors by keeping it up like I have been with posting 4-5 times a week. It takes a terrible amount of time to do and with that being said, I am not doing myself any favors with my personal goals, work and home life, etc. I cannot humanly do everything I want to. It is simply healthy to set boundaries in life; this is how we manage ourselves and it is so important to do that and in turn helps your happiness and loved ones, too. So, if you are following this blog, here is what I expect to change:

  • Less frequent posts, but more focus on book reviews when posting along with updates, if any in regards to writing efforts. Not quite sure about frequency yet, but I hope to give at least one post a week.
  • No more Friday Fun Links for a while ( with the exception of today ), not exactly sure how long.
  • I will still keep up with comments, etc as I always stay pretty close to all my technology mediums.

So, if you are a newer follower, I encourage you to go back through past posts and see if you find anything interesting that fancies you. There are some earlier RWP posts that even make me laugh when I go back and read them.

If you have any suggestions, rude or snide remarks about the layout or anything else about this site, I encourage you to put those comments here, because I do care! After all, this is my presence on the WWW.

Happy blogging, and if you have followed or commented here so far, I highly appreciate you taking even a moment out of your life to interact here, keep coming back!

Guys, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley