Opinion: Is the Artist Separate From the Art?

( image credit: Ludovic Bertron on Flickr )

What the….Cancel Culture?

Yes, yes. This day in age no one is all caught up with current events. There is way too much happening. Even a news anchor has to focus on different subjects of news, such as politics, to stay up-to-date with current events. So what the crud is cancel culture? Simply put it is a form of online shaming a person and canceling them along with a whole slew of other people in regards to disagreeing with their spoken words or actions. This might include created hashtags for use on twitter so others can easily join your rant.

10 Theses About Cancel Culture – New York Times

Whats the point?

I’ve been a long time reader of the blog I read an article posted today called What to Do When Your Favorite Artist Has Been Canceled. While the article has a special niche, one mainly being of cancel culture, I had one overwhelming thought the whole time I’m reading it:

Are the Artist and Art really that closely related ( in the consumer’s mind ) that when the artist does something it’s fan doesn’t agree with the fan becomes disassociated with the artist to the point they cancel the artist?