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Review: The Costumer by Chad Schimke

The Costumer by Chad Schimke

The Costumer by Chad Schimke was a random pick, out of a free book newsletter. You may get a free copy as well, at the time of this writing, via the author’s website ( if you like this story, I would recommend giving the 99c to this author via Amazon ). It’s a short, horror story ( that’s the way it’s categorized on Amazon, but after reading I’m saying thriller for genre ), less than 50 pages long and has a bit of non-favorable quirkiness ( especially on the first page with the one sentence paragraphs and other random places in the first half of the story ) that faded for me, thankfully into okay quirkiness after some time and even to better things. Start-of-sentence word repetitions and repeat sentence structure weren’t so-good, but overall this book is enjoyable with some mostly non-invasive LBGTQ elements mixed in with a decent story arc about a selfish-costumed-killer, determined to get revenge on a mission to seek attention, to sum at all up.

“Hurt filled the chasm split down the middle of his broken heart where love had been replaced with hate.” —Chad Schimke, The Costumer