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Bookshelf #3 and #2 in One

You don’t mess with John Wayne after he had Beef with Potatoes. Ha, ha this meme spawned out of a spontaneous joke I made about the baby’s face last night. I said, “Look at her John Wayne face.” Hilarity ensued.

Ah, the bookshelf . . . what an interesting place these nooks hold in the universe as a reflection of taste, wonder and intrigue. Last week, I started with bookshelf #1 and today we are double dipping with #2 and #3. Bookshelf #2 is . . . no books, but a party amongst toys, only. These toys don’t like books:

If you have any questions about these specifically, please do ask. Otherwise, we will move onto the book-book shelf.
Left of Bookshelf #3
Right side of Bookshelf #3. Below, we are moving from left to right since we are still in the northern hemi-sphere, at least last time I checked.
Book Reviews

Review: The Yattering and Jack ( Books of Blood ) by Clive Barker

The Hulu rendition for both the re-release of the book and the movie.

This Volume includes: “The Book of Blood” • “The Midnight Meat Train” • “The Yattering and Jack” • “Pig Blood Blues” • “Sex, Death and Starshine” • “In the Hills, the Cities”

This review covers the third short story titled The Yattering and Jack in Books of Blood Vol. 1 by Clive Barker.

This is a fast paced, knock your socks off hilarity of a story where the lines get definitively blurred of who plays the roles protagonist and antagonist, and this story successfully justifies that as a quality of style. While this factor, until my brain discovered it as such, proved confusing at times and the level of complexity this brings to story demands attention and deserved a re-read. Entertaining it is and we have the Yattering which is a demon enslaved to hand down some terror to a spiritually indebted person named Jack. It is the characterization of a demon and this Yattering certainly has character. It’s unpredictable, fun and electrically terrifying.

Book Reviews

Review: The Book of Blood by Clive Barker

Cover for the newly released edition of Books of Blood Vol 1 by Clive Barker

This Volume includes: “The Book of Blood” • “The Midnight Meat Train” • “The Yattering and Jack” • “Pig Blood Blues” • “Sex, Death and Starshine” • “In the Hills, the Cities”

The Book of Blood, the first short story in this volume, is the one we are reviewing here in this article and not the whole Volume 1 book titled Books of Blood.

This first short story in Clive Barker’s Books of Blood Vol 1 titled The Book of Blood, that sets the stage in truly the best way possible for this tour de force, completely knocked my head off. The titles between the main book and the first short story are confusing at first, but make total sense after reading which adds value. It delivers wonder and vivid imagery with eloquent writing style matched with elements of true horror. There is some questionable sexual content looming that brushes the bleeding edge of an urge to also to be questionably judgemental and I love that.

In one sense, you could tell every bit of this story verbosely and not spoil it due to the nature of Clive Barker’s curated writing style, but the elements and ultimately the way this short story ends would be spoiled very easily because of it’s weight for the rest of the book which ties the rest of the stories together.

Honestly, I had to re-read this mere 25 pages a couple times ( and not at fault of the book ) to get the full swing and just to make sure I had the message tightly in my grip, but it ultimately left me in a a state of my jaw having to be picked up off the floor and with a vat of curiosity for the rest of the book. This paradoxical quote and play on words from the blurb says a lot for what’s in store for this first, short story in this book:

Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.


Halloween 2020 Reading List

“Halloween Pumpkin Burning lamp helloween candle candela” by euart is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s one of my favorite holidays. In recent years, I haven’t indulged much in the holiday spirit, treating each day just like the last, but I’m switching that up a bit this year and going to celebrate by strictly indulging into horror reading during October.

This list will consist of major works and indie ( a.k.a. lesser known ) titles:

Clive Barker’s Books of Blood: Volume One

I snagged this one at 2nd & Charles last night. It’s not suppose to be released until tomorrow, according to Amazon, ( the attribution to the film edition ) but I still snagged it somehow. I almost got Lovecraft Country, but decided on this instead. Looking forward to checking out the Hulu film after the book.