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Review: Mark of a Demon by Despoina Kemeridou

I like the fact that this cover leaves the reader in a vat of mystery. The symbol in the middle is both unrecognizable ( not seen it before ) and memorable. This was a smart branding decision.


( Extracted from Amazon )

When Heather was born, everyone thought she would die due to her weak heart. Upon her mother’s callings, a demon showed up and saved her life by sharing his heart with hers. There was only one condition; she would live until the demon’s powers ran out. Not knowing anything about the mark she had on her chest from the day she remembers herself, she falls in love with the demon, marking the start of a forbidden love…

What happens when she finds out the secrets her aunt and the demon have been keeping deeply hidden from her?


Let me set one thing straight. I have never read a paranormal romance story in my life nor did I ever think I would read one. Not only am I journeying to discover valid, notable indie authors, I am finding myself now reading books in genres that I never thought I would. Enough about me, let’s get to the review!