Massive One Book Haul: Frank Miller’s Big Damn Sin City

Frank Miller’s Big Damn Sin City: Sitting under my Christmas haul, for scale.

How do you have a massive one book haul? With Frank Miller’s Big Damn Sin City, that’s how. I didn’t realize how big this book was until I had it in perspective. It’s ridiculous! A weapon, even, at that. With 1300 some odd pages and weighing in at around 12 pounds. This thing is mad heavy. I won’t be digging into this one quite yet, but it will be posted about at some point.

I ordered this along with the Bluray movie, extended cut ( extended cut is mandatory for this movie ) because I love the movie so much, I figured I would delve into where the inspiration for the film came from.

This is not for kids! First thing I noticed is that there’s quite of bit of illustrated-partial nudity in this thing, which is NOT why I’m reading it. I had no idea? Moving along, when I get around to this thing, you’ll get to see a couple of bits of the lovely black and white art style along with what I think about the story and art.

Guys and gals, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.

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Bookshelf #1 and Beef with Potatoes

Welcome to the post for Bookshelf #1, where I’ll show you the top row of my book shelf just after some tidying up. Then, later I will continue onto the next shelf. There’s several different places to store the books, here, there, everywhere. Things make it onto the bookshelf, of course that aren’t books. 🙂 This is something of a natural order.

Speaking of natural: You ever try to eat a raw potato? It might make sense, right? You can get a whole sack of potatoes for five dollars and then your hunger is raging for nice, nutritious treat to fill your stomach, but then, it doesn’t agree. Something similar to birch bark. It never does settle.

The potato shall be cooked. It is written.

Instead, I’m vouching for some Pepperidge Farm toast with butter and year old Christmas jelly that settles greatly:

It’s a little shaky standing up in the chair, where the tripod won’t reach, something of wariness.
Left Side, continuing to the right . . .
And, the right side.
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Review: Stephen King’s The Stand Vol. 1: Captain Trips THB

This looks exciting. Personally, I’m not a fan of blended photos. However, overall the art here is well done, but the text blending effects such as that glow, could use to be turned down a couple notches.


( Extracted from Amazon )

It all begins here: the epic apocalyptic battle between good and evil. On a secret army base in the Californian desert, something has gone horribly, terribly wrong. Something will send Charlie Campion, his wife and daughter fleeing in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for the Campion family, and the rest of America, they are unaware that all three of them are carrying a deadly cargo: a virus that will spread from person to person like wildfire, triggering a massive wave of disease and death, prefacing humanity’s last stand. Collects The Stand: Captain Trips #1-5.


What is a THB you ask? Trade hard back unlike trade paper back. It’s a hard cover graphic noveleta. Don’t ask me what noveleta means. Marvel might know. That is who published the book. 🐵