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Video Games: Immortals Fenyx Rising – First Thoughts

After having one of the busiest days in a long time. I really, really enjoyed playing this title, Immortals Fenyx Rising. The visuals are stunning and controls work almost flawlessly.

I didn’t even have one potion or upgraded armor . . . Then, I got in a fight with a bear and barely won:

Spoilers in the form of bear ☠️ death, cut scenes, descriptions of stamina system and resource farming.
This glowing Bear got slung into oblivion. I love watching the boar disappear, too, flying into his demise. 🤠

Metal vs Dubstep in Pendulum ft. In Flames – Self Vs Self presents Pendulum ft. In Flames coming together in purity with Self Vs Self. This isn’t just dubstep ( albeit when Pendulum creates music, it’s some of the finest in my opinion ). This isn’t just metal. It is a mashup in one of it’s most curated forms in both genres in something that is simply magical. Saying anymore about it would taint it, I’m afraid.