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Review: The Sandman Overture Deluxe Edition

Wow. That is all.


“#1 NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller and winner of the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story!

Twenty-five years since THE SANDMAN first changed the landscape of modern comics, Neil Gaiman’s legendary series is back in a deluxe edition!

THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE heralds NEW YORK TIMES best-selling writer Neil Gaiman’s return to the art form that made him famous, ably abetted by artistic luminary J.H. Williams III (BATWOMAN, PROMETHEA), whose lush, widescreen images provide an epic scope to the Sandman’s origin story. From the birth of a galaxy to the moment that Morpheus is captured, THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE will feature cameo appearances by fan-favorite characters such as the Corinthian, Merv Pumpkinhead and, of course, the Dream King’s siblings: Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium, Destruction and Destiny.”

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In it’s first release in 25 years, The Sandman: Overture feeds a story in lofty dream spaces of the universe starring a character named Dream. Philosophy is sometimes mixed with how this story unfolds and setting warps these common variables in time and space. This story is the prequel to the comics that started release in the late 80s that redefined comics and this book does the same; is sometimes lucid other times not so much and in effect, creates the atmosphere, breaking the bounds of what we are used to in normal life, but still often we can relate. It is beauty in less context while giving curious wonders at the same time: