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Review: The Crow: Midnight Legends Vol. 1: Dead Time

After a ten-year hiatus, James O’Barr returned to The Crow with Dead Time, a story he envisioned as a new Crow film. A tale of grief, reincarnation, and long-sought vengeance, Dead Time is adapted by John Wagner and illustrated by Alexander Maleev. ( Extracted from Amazon )

Let me start this off by stating I absolutely love The Crow. Ever since I saw the film, it forever changed the way I knew a movie could be and is undoubtably my favorite movie of all time. I recently purchased it on Blu-ray and watched the special feature interview with James O’Barr, the creator of the original comic book. I found the interview quite interesting. You may view it below:

Before I read this digitally, on Kindle Unlimited I was largely unfamiliar with James O’Barr’s work ( other than how it is portrayed in the movie ), but this time O’Barr is only writing the story and leaves the script to John Wagner, the art to Alexander Maleev and the lettering to Dan Burr.