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Review: The Seller of Sins by Kristina Gallo

I like this color scheme. It gives me a “winey” vibe. Masquerade mask – what a powerful symbol.

Karolina and Filip are a childless couple in a marriage full of daily conflicts and frustrations. Karolina eases her loneliness in a fantasy world of internet chat rooms with strangers while Filip remains blind to her pain.
Filip wonders if any of the cyberspace connections Karolina finds mean actual betrayal or could something totally different be going on? His search for answers leads him on an unconventional life-altering journey that includes the mysterious Blanka, an obsessive woman addicted to love.

Extracted from Amazon

The Seller of Sins by Kristina Gallo is a satirical story of situational fragility of human relationships and love, where no holds barred author ( Gallo ) tells a twisted story of eroticism, night life, deception, mystery and temptation. Then, we have the mother-in-law; without spoiling too much of the story, I would have really liked to see some more violence with the family knife scene than there was. The first half of this book worked a lot better for me than the second half, where it became a bit too verbose and a trudge to read through. There were some formatting issues with the Kindle view:


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