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Three Art Heists From History Worth Looking At

Art Heist scene in film, The Thomas Crown Affair. NOTE: – the song that starts at 1:17 is called Sinnerman by Nina Simone ( the background of the Sinnerman video, is also in the video above is The Son of Man, 1946 by Rene Magritte ). Sinnerman is also is the sample in Timbaland’s song titled Oh Timbaland.

Whether it’s using a silent glass cutter and descending in a black jump suite through trip-wire lasers in the middle of the night, or simply walking out with a priceless pieces of artwork in broad day light after executing a carefully thought out plan, art heists are a common thread not only in the movies, but many times have occurred through history and have happened as recent as the year 2019. And although some of these examples don’t quite fit classic scenes in the movies, some of them come awfully close like the 2019 Dresden Castle Heist. Following that, we will cover the highest valuation of stolen art from the Stewart Gardner Museum, and then finally, Mona Lisa takes a field trip from the Louvre.

2019 Dresden Heist

Pure CCTV video from the 2019 Dresden Heist. The above CCTV video, looking like something out of a movie, if only the camera shots and the presence of audio were a bit better. But smooth? No, this guy doesn’t have time to be smooth.