How Writing Reviews Has Changed My Life

I wrote this at around 35,000ft in the air on a plane. While not extra special in itself, except I haven’t wrote anything on a plane before right now. However, I’m humbly and gratefully descending down, now. Wouldn’t want to stay in the air too long, right? 🤠

Growing up in the United States of America as a middle class, mostly-normal person has delightfully exposed me to a swath of media, from music, books, visual arts, movies, video games and beyond. Being the type of person that considers the design of a vehicle artwork ( and many more things ) and having an aptitude for being appreciative of anything that is created by another person ( yes, I would love even a stick figure drawn by a 30 year old and rightfully have my justifications for that ), I grew up as first and foremost, a human being, and I have always especially loved the music side of art, only recently taking up a love for some of the more delicate parts of art such as books, visual arts and compositions / poetry.

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The best stories are the ones that have a solid inspiration story behind the story – at least, those are the ones that have the most meaning, intensity and heart. The reason I bring this up, is that likewise when I write a review it’s just natural to try to come up with something interesting to say and also to pay attention and have a solid grasp on it. The way I remedy that is by thinking about what spawned this story ( among other things as well ) – what is the essence behind it? Maybe I will never know, but at least I can try. Did someone mention the idea in passing and that is how the idea came about? Did someone go through something that triggered a healthy emotional response to write a story? Whether it be the former, the latter or something else entirely – they are all equally important. Which, don’t get me wrong, a mention in passing can breed the best stories, but it’s really when the author digs deep into their own soul . . . That’s when the story becomes something of greatness. Not only does the story behind the story make a book great, but also a solid interpretation by the reader makes it legendary. After all, the reader keeps the story alive and essentially the work will sit in a dusty, dark proverbial room until one day, it hopefully creates a wave of interest.

Even though I have always loved, number one music, and also I have loved all other forms of media, but I never have appreciated it like I do know.