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Review: Big Damn Sin City: The Hard Good Bye: Part #5 and #6

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Previously, we covered Part 4 of The Hard Goodbye. Now, we have a continuation with Part #5 and #6

WARNING: This book most certainly is NSFW and only for adults. I will do my best to leave the vulgarities out of it so that everyone can enjoy. Although, if you can stomach the madness to achieve the full effect, a proper purchase of the source materials is recommended.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead: In depth review including respectable, occasional snaps of the art work and surrounding thoughts.

Big Damn Sin City: The Hard Goodbye: Part 5

Marv is sleeping. Restlessly. He cannot sleep because he is excited. Thinking about how he hates being seen in the sun of day and there is nothing to do until the sun comes out, he then explains his perspective of the day riders.

Taking to the streets, he gives some guy named Tommy a swirly, looking for more information about Goldie’s death. He personifies Sin City like the place is a “she” and thinks about how great it is to be alive. Another unnamed person gets slammed onto the pavement while Marv is in a car.

Now, he goes to church, but not to pray and what seems to be confession time:

What seems to be a confession, turns into an interrogation of the preacher. about Goldie. The preacher gives a name of “Roark”, which is either a lead or a direct reference to the people responsible for Goldie’s death. Marv isn’t sure of the validity of the preachers information. The preacher reassures Marv it is good information and there is a farm he can go to to find out more, and he also asks Marv if Goldie is worth dying for. Marv kills the preacher with three shots and says, “Amen”, lights a cigarette and steals the preacher’s Mercedes vehicle, stating that all modern cars look like “electric shavers”.

A car approaches. The driver looks like Goldie, the mysterious woman from the end of Part 4 and hits Marv a couple of times with the car and shoots a couple of times.

Marv escapes and continues to drive up the hill, to the farm. He thinks about how the woman looked just like Goldie, but no, it couldn’t have been her. He forgot to take his medicine and that’s why he is “seeing things”. It’s bad when you forget to take your medicine when you have a “condition”.

Big Damn Sin City: The Hard Goodbye: Part 6

The Mercedes gets parked at a diner, about two miles away from the farm, taking to the woods. Marv is scared of the woods and not much else.

Now at the farm, Marv gets a cold sensation in hit gut and he always trusts it because it hasn’t failed him in the past. People have died wrongly here. A wolf comes snarling and Marv fights the “pooch” out of lack of options to avoid it.

There was blood on the wolf’s breath and Marv knows it well. A stranger appears behind Marv as he finds a human bone. The man is wearing Chuck All-Stars and kicks him in the neck swiftly. Marv has great trouble in this fight and ends up getting sledged by a hammer. Marv suspects this is the man responsible for Goldie’s death and then Marv is knocked unconscious:

Marv sees the light at the end of the tunnel, but awakens on a tiled floor.

A woman is here with him. Taxidermized heads hang on the wall, on with a rose tattoo on one of the victim’s jawline. Evidently the man who owns the farm is a cannibal. The woman in the room is Lucille, his parole officer. They conversate about the situation, Lucille is telling Marv that the farm owner is, in fact a killer. The man has already deduced Lucille’s hand and he made her watch him do it. Horrible. Lucille screams about it. Marv gives Lucille his coat for comfort.

Lucille tells Marv that he “has brought big trouble this time” and that “Whoever is behind this has got his connections– right in the department.” Marv is trying to rip the grate out the window to escape.

They conversate some more and Lucille isn’t buying it that someone named Roark is behind all this. Lucille tells Marv that Goldie was a “hooker” and a top dollar one, but he didn’t know that. A car pulls up at the farm, a car with a V8 engine. The car calls out to “Kevin”, and to come quickly. Marv hears Kevin’s name which is the killer.

My Thoughts:

I really didn’t like that Marv killed the preacher, but my suspicion is that when the preacher asked Marv if Goldie was worth dying for, that he heard a death threat and / or made an example out of him. But then again, how does the preacher know about the killer previously? Strange, very strange, indeed.

I’m still partly hung up that Goldie never did die and am looking for an indication that the mysterious woman is or is not, in fact Goldie. There are many convoluted things going on!

Guys and gals, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.