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Review: The Bosch by Neal Asher

I like this cover. I would have elected for maybe a stroke, especially on the back cover for the white lettering only because it would make it easier to read. Overall, the cover does it’s job well and it does so with bifurcation of light in the form of art. Publication date : April 27, 2020

The Bosch is a short novella of 21,000 words, written after nightmares about a far future biotech world and subsequently leafing through a Hieronymus Bosch art book.

Set in a far future after the Polity of my books has passed into history, The Bosch tells the story of how, when your biotechnology is sufficiently advanced, you can create the monsters others only imagined. When you are the ruler of a world, based on such tech, and have lived for thousands of years, perhaps you have become numb to mere human concerns. But a crime has been committed and restitution must be made, by raising the Bosch.


The Progenitor has arrived. Man, oh man. Let me start off by saying – If this is anything like the future, equip me with a gamma death ray, caliber 4 miles wide. This novella, titled The Bosch is really something else, let me tell you. I have read some other hard science fiction, namely Neuromancer by William Gibson, but that book didn’t sit too well with me. Thankfully, I didn’t let that fact set the stage in my mind for other works of hard science fiction because this little book knocked my socks off in a special kind of way.