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New Cover Reveal for LJ and Rom Book #1

Thank you to Mr. Dirk Hays. Such a non-explandatory job with this cover. Go check him out @DirkHays on Instagram. It’s great artwork complimenting my book and this was exactly what I was looking for. This has been a hell of a journey with this publishment and ended in a perfect way.

Now everyone can tell what the book is about by looking at the cover. I won’t be messing with this book for a while and onto #2. Cheers!


Sneak Peek at new cover reveal for LJ and Rom book #1 – The Car

If you have read my post about How NOT to self publish a book – a short memoir, you know that I am doing things all out of order for this first book, and still obviously am. Pay no mind, and that simple fact I will not let hinder any kind of progress that may come to fruition.

I wasn’t financially prepared for a book launch and simply hitting publish, even though the book wasn’t professionally edited ( make no mistake, it is now ), was enough excitement on this journey at the time I did it. The current cover was designed by me and with so much anticipation blowing through my veins, I just couldn’t stand to wait another day before publishing LJ and Rom book #1, even though the cover wasn’t the best it could be, among other things. I know that covers are so important – every aspect of a book is so important. So with that being said ( drumroll ):

Yes. There is a new, professionally DRAWN cover coming soon for LJ and Rom book #1 and I’m super pumped about it:

LJ and Rom’s stolen rally race car. Artwork by Mr. Dirk Hays.

There it is in all it’s glory – the stolen rally race car LJ and Rom Saved Heavy Metal in. Enjoy – I cannot wait to show you the completed cover soon. I hope it blows your Fred Durst backwards hat off.

Guys, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley


Get My Book for Free Until July 21st at Midnight

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Kindle free book promotion started this morning for How LJ and Rom Saved Heavy Metal. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the heck out of it! I learned the past couple of free book promotions that simply listing your book for free isn’t enough. You need to promote it as well. So I have Freebooksy and The Fussy Librarian promotions running today. Hopefully in the next coming days I can share some great news about the results!

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How NOT to self publish a book – a short memoir

Beyond the darkness, way past what you can see or even imagine is a massive wheel turning. It turns and trudges through people’s existence of experience, memories and dreams. Sometimes is tugs at your soul. Sometimes it pulls at your soul so hard you have no choice but to write. If you don’t write something down it will probably eat your lunch before it is able to hit your stomach. Then, after it eats all of your lunch the wheel will eat at your soul and consume the whole of you if you don’t give it what it wants…….

I gave the wheel what it wanted and I wrote a book.

Written manuscript page from my book How LJ and Rom Saved Heavy Metal