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It has come to my attention ( thank you, you know who you are ), after a rouse of suspicion while fixing other issues, that my site’s comments aren’t showing in the WordPress Reader, under conversations and in the WordPress app for notifications. So, if you have commented and heard nothing but birds skittley-whooping ( This is something Misty and I were laughing about over the weekend ) in the background, this is why. For now, I urge commenters to check the box here, if you want to stay abreast:

I absolutely do care about the functionality of this blog, and you as followers deserve something that works correctly, as well as me, as a site host. I have a support entry in the JetPack plugin support forums. Let’s hope someone has some well suggestions.

  • Do any of my followers use / a.k.a self hosted that is not on the mega-cloud?
  • If so, have you had issues like this?

EDIT: I just got off the line with my web host. After getting disconnected 4 times, they told me there was nothing they could do from their end. The saga continues . . .

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Happy Tuesday guys. My links itch is itching quite badly today, especially after skipping Friday Fun links last Friday. How is your week going, so far? Mine is going quite smooth. Thank ye! Enjoy some re-posts, below:

For the softer side of metal, with a cover of Floods (Pantera) by Jamie Jensen ( I believe anyone can enjoy this ).

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Four Classic Self Help Books That Are in a Gray Area

If you are following this blog and getting to know me by what I post, you will know that I love speculative fiction ( SciFi, Horror, Fantasy, Futurism, etc ). But what I also love is wholesome goodness, and what I love even more than that is a background and some deep digging into the inner workings of our psyche – the human soul, mind, and spirit. While these books, in my opinion, reside in somewhat of a gray area-if thought about and meditated on, will empower you with great insight into not only your own intricacies, but also the intricacies of your psyche that is instilled upon you by things of your own human nature and also the universe itself.. It’s from all that is good and as Alan Watt’s put it – “If I am my foot, I am the sun.”

DISCLAIMER: These books might not tell you step by step, rather they are for insight that, in my opinion, will help you in the long run more than a step by step guide.

Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung

Man and His Symbols owes its existence to one of Jung’s own dreams. The great psychologist dreamed that his work was understood by a wide public, rather than just by psychiatrists, and therefore he agreed to write and edit this fascinating book. Here, Jung examines the full world of the unconscious, whose language he believed to be the symbols constantly revealed in dreams. Convinced that dreams offer practical advice, sent from the unconscious to the conscious self, Jung felt that self-understanding would lead to a full and productive life. Thus, the reader will gain new insights into himself from this thoughtful volume, which also illustrates symbols throughout history. Completed just before his death by Jung and his associates, it is clearly addressed to the general reader.

Extracted from GoodReads

There is so much here to be valued. As a pioneer of modern psychology, Carl Jung was friends with Sigmund Freud and made great advancements in discovering the inner workings of the subconscious and tied these to the findings he discovered being a dream interpreter, traveling the world in his own free time. Fun fact – a song by the band know as Tool titled 46 & 2 is thought to be inspired by Carl Jung’s teachings about the shadow.


Halloween 2020 Reading List

“Halloween Pumpkin Burning lamp helloween candle candela” by euart is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s one of my favorite holidays. In recent years, I haven’t indulged much in the holiday spirit, treating each day just like the last, but I’m switching that up a bit this year and going to celebrate by strictly indulging into horror reading during October.

This list will consist of major works and indie ( a.k.a. lesser known ) titles:

Clive Barker’s Books of Blood: Volume One

I snagged this one at 2nd & Charles last night. It’s not suppose to be released until tomorrow, according to Amazon, ( the attribution to the film edition ) but I still snagged it somehow. I almost got Lovecraft Country, but decided on this instead. Looking forward to checking out the Hulu film after the book.


Pub House Book Haul for Sept ’20

John Dies at the End by David Wong – I recently had a review on my work, someone comparing LJ and Rom book #1 with David Wong and before this I had never heard of him or the fact that this book has been adapted into a movie, or the movie itself. It will be interesting to compare.

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Random Book Recommendations

Let start this article out by saying thank you to fellow indie author Theresa Dale for the awesome review on my book, How LJ and Rom Saved Heavy Metal:

Be on the lookout for my review of her book Asylum soon ( I got one ahead of it by Mr. Lee Hall and I’m in a bit of a backlog at the moment with everything )

Now, lets get to the point. I have read a lot of books over the years. Here are some recommendations that spring to mind. Enjoy:

Occidental Mythology (Masks of God) by Joseph Campbell

Occidental Mythology was published in 1964 and is a non-fiction book about eastern mythology. It’s old style of writing and informative knowledge about the subject is magically captivating. It ties together similarities between the different religions covered in the book.