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Review: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Welcome to the Baker family dinner, Ethan. Grandma won’t be eating, well because she is in a state of ever-resfulness ( not quite dead ) – BUT YOU HAVE TO EAT ETHAN!!!

I don’t recall very many, if any, level structured video games I have played through a second time ( okay I’m probably lying, but I was trying to come up with something that made this article sound important ). I’m currently on my second play-through of this masterfully crafted, truly horrifying video game. During the first play through around 3 years ago, which was obviously less intense than the first, there were times when I genuinely just had to take a break to give my mind some solace, some peace of mind and a short vacation away from the subtly grim, desolate, but beautiful experience that is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Official Launch Trailer

My main reason for firing this game back up was to show it to my beloved ( which is birthing our daughter in just a couple of days !!!😁!!! and also shares a liking to horror with me ) and I fell in love all over again. However, my true appreciation didn’t settle with me until I started playing it the second time. Yes, I realize I must now visit a $400 dollar an hour shrink twice a week if I must recover from my love for this horror video game.

Resident Evil 7 is the very first game in the long string of RE ( Resident Evil ) games that presents a first person perspective and also an attempt to bring the series back to it’s survival horror roots and it resurrects the series quite well. RE7 follows the classic survival horror, RE play style of puzzles, navigating through labyrinth type settings along with self defense and killing of mutated beings, boss monsters and some sort of story on how everything has gone to complete hell and a hand basket.