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Review: Saltblood by T.C. Parker

😮 This is a marvelous cover. Absolutely stunning.


A remote island. A group of prisoners. And an evil as old as time.

Robin didn’t mean to break the law. Didn’t know at first what law she’d broken. And now she’s on her way to Salt Rock – a new-model prison for a new kind of criminal, way out in the remote Northern Isles of Scotland.

On Salt Rock, she’ll meet other prisoners like her – men and women from all over the world, spirited away from the lives they knew for crimes they didn’t know they were committing.

She’ll uncover the complex web of conspiracy that connects them all, confronting some of the darkness of her own past in the process.

And she’ll come face to face, finally, with an evil as old as the land itself.

It’s hell in those waters.

Books with certain qualities, elements or style can be more appealing, of course to readers when they match up with the reader’s expectations and personal interests. Saltblood by T.C. Parker is one of those books, for me that not only matched up with expectations and interests, it’s intimate, genuine and original: it’s one of those stories that sticks on my side like blood sucking leech, stuck for life in a completely well way.

Great! I can eat chicken wings while reading again. 🤠
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December for Book Reviews is No Bueno

I know that several of my followers are here, because books. 😃 And, while December was suppose to be a wind down mechanism for the holidays and more reading, which meant more reviews, it has proved to be the opposite. I am still reading, it’s just rather slow. Focusing on Salt Blood by T.C. Parker and Secret Santa by Andrew Shaffer, and these will most likely get a review next. While you wait, I’ll share a quote from Salt Blood by T.C. Parker:

Salt Blood by T.C. Parker

Suspended high over the land, maybe 80 feet above the them, was another wire mesh, this one more dome than cage, sprouting upwards (or so it seemed from her limited perspective) from the sea itself – the jetty poking out from the side of it like a broken tongue. Looking at it made her claustrophobic; more so, somehow, than the cage over the boat.

Page 13, Salt Blood by T.C. Parker

As I read this, at least so far, it’s more like suspense or thriller than horror, but I’m really enthused that I followed this recommendation from Well Read Beard. We shall see. Guys, until next time – may you find all the happiness that your life can fit in it’s happy spot – S.D. McKinley.

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Dec. 2020 Book Haul

Welcome to Book Haul post for December 2020, here at The intention here is to spread good news about . . . you guessed it – books, art, love, peace and tranquility! Many other things besides reading take a place at my table, which means I’m a slow reader and that every book on this list doesn’t always get a review straight away. Don’t ask me what determines that and Don’t even ask me about my eBook Haul 🤣, as these are all physical books.