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Friday Fun Links #6

As another week comes to a close, here are some curated links. Got anything to add? My goal here is to bring you something interesting, hopefully that you haven’t seen before, something outside the norm, outside the narrative -and- because there are so many places on the internet besides Facebook.

The Hardware LotteryZoo Breaks Up Group of Parrots Who Won’t Stop SwearingWhy We’re So Susceptible To Bad AdviceFunny Pictures – October 1, 2020DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Monster Makes for a Perfect CakeAudible Review: ‘The Sandman’Can You Decipher this Quote from a Sci-Fi Novel?List of Books considered the worstRead Stephen King’s First Published work titled The Glass Floor that earned him a $35 paycheckMarvel Fan Knits Massive Yarn Thanos That Stands Over 8 Feet TallHow to use Feedly For Tracking BlogsWe Learn Faster When We Aren’t Told What Choices to MakeFor the First Time Ever, Scientists Caught Time Crystals Interacting