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Review: Asylum by Theresa Dale

The cover here is simple and effective. Not too busy and gets the point across about what the book is about.


( Extracted from Amazon )

From the creator of the Rose’s Ghost series comes another thrilling tale: Asylum proves to be a ghost story that stands on its own.
We follow Bailey O’Connor on an exciting urban exploration trip across the border to discover the secrets of a long-abandoned institution for mentally and physically handicapped children. But there’s more than just mystery darkening the crumbling buildings they discover, and Bailey finds herself lost within them with the help of those who linger.
The search for her is mounted during the day while her own search takes place in the dark. Are the rumors true? The whisperings of experiments performed on the innocent and vulnerable? What secrets lurk within the few impenetrable buildings on the site? Most importantly, can the truth be uncovered before the property is leveled and its secrets are buried forever?
Told in Dale’s unique voice, readers both familiar and new will appreciate an engaging cast of characters and a compelling story that is hard to put down.


Theresa Dale’s novel titled Asylum provides excellent attention to detail and (fictional) historical background to an eerie atmosphere of an adventure-type story among friends. I appreciated the change of pace at different sections ( no spoilers here! ) with news articles that provided value and backstory to the Briarhaven Institution that adds depth and feeling to the meaning of escapism. The writing is flawless and edited well. Can’t really say I found one typo in the whole book.