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Review: Mank the Film

I learned through the BBC afternoon radio show and, about a new movie that was just released on Netflix ( exclusively ) called Mank. I occasionally take a recommendation, on the spur of the moment and dive head first into the water, never knowing what to expect. This time turned out splendidly. It’s way more than great, life changing even. After learning about the parable in the movie ( I’ll let you watch the trailer below to learn about the parable ), not much changed with me, until a full analysis of the parable left me with a revelation that I learned years ago, that everything goes both ways. Through my life changes lately, I have been acting somewhat like a Mank, regretfully – however, that all left me after watching this movie. It’s a control thing and also a man against the universe thing, when viewed absolutely objectively. I make extra careful precautions when blaming stuff on the universe, because it can be somewhat of a cop-out: universal truths aren’t always applied correctly in a person-to-person setting and can become easily misconstrued.