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Bookshelf #1 and Beef with Potatoes

Welcome to the post for Bookshelf #1, where I’ll show you the top row of my book shelf just after some tidying up. Then, later I will continue onto the next shelf. There’s several different places to store the books, here, there, everywhere. Things make it onto the bookshelf, of course that aren’t books. 🙂 This is something of a natural order.

Speaking of natural: You ever try to eat a raw potato? It might make sense, right? You can get a whole sack of potatoes for five dollars and then your hunger is raging for nice, nutritious treat to fill your stomach, but then, it doesn’t agree. Something similar to birch bark. It never does settle.

The potato shall be cooked. It is written.

Instead, I’m vouching for some Pepperidge Farm toast with butter and year old Christmas jelly that settles greatly:

It’s a little shaky standing up in the chair, where the tripod won’t reach, something of wariness.
Left Side, continuing to the right . . .
And, the right side.
Book Reviews

Review: Hunted by Jack Knight

In a general sense, not counting the fact that I have seen thousands of urban fantasy covers just like this, this cover does give you a good idea of what the book is like. Is it laid out well? Yes. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Yes. Do I like it? No. The curly font of “HUNTED” would have done better without the beveled-ness, IMO. I promise that this is the worst thing I will say about this book.


( Extracted from FantasticFiction )

My name is Maddi Wessen. I was raised to kill supernatural creatures: sorcerers that threatened to reveal the magical world to normal humans, vampires that kill too many people, shifter packs that go to war with each other.

Until they tried to kill me. I’m the first person to survive running from them. So far.

Then, the Shadow Reapers found me. They offered to teach me magic and keep me safe. Instead, I got a little busy trying to figure out who’s killing Hunters. Hunters are supposed to be invincible, but they’re dropping fast.

I have to figure out what could possibly kill a Hunter, and put a stop to it. All without ever letting the Hunters find me. The Shadow Reapers might be able to help, but I don’t trust them. Especially not their leader. I don’t have much of a choice, though. Without the Hunters, there’s nobody to keep the magical world a secret.


I completed this review as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book further raises my suspicion that there is great talent out in the indie wild. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Maddi’s snarky, punchy and intelligent narration and her journeys within these pages. This is a full length novel with a Jim Butcher vibe. Honestly, I can say I enjoyed it more than some of the Dresden Files Novels that I have read, and that says a lot for Mr. Jack Knight.